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Nov 5, 2005
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I think like all here we all enjoyed Nix9's "Understanding the RH/XV system". Like many others, I spent lots of time into the wee small hours of the of the mourning trying to work it all out. Most of the time it worked, but many a time I made silly mistakes, but sorted them out the day after, when I was sober!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The trouble I am having now is working out these 223 codes. I just can't do it. This is what I have done so far, if anyone could show me where I am going wrong I very much appreciate it

This is from last night.

ref 23 223
ref 24 1324
ref 25 3142
ref 26 1446

ref 23 2 & ref 24

comes out to 1324.........the same!

1 9012345678
3 7890123456
2 8901234567
4 6789012345

Then ref 23 2 again & ref 25


comes out to 2413

Then ref 23 3 & ref 26


comes out to 4164 ...... so

4 5678901234
1 6789012345
6 2345678901
4 2345678901

Then vid is 6705



The code is 2272

Does this look right? I must admit now I have done it again, I have come up with a different code. Last night I worked it out to 4878!!!!!! Like I said, too much beer & red wine!:Cheers:

Many thank in advance

The Swerv
sorry, this is a blatent post to get to the top of the stack again!!!!

So anyone got any ideas ????
ref 23: 223
ref 24: 1324
ref 25: 3142
ref 26: 1446

1324 - 1234
1234 - 1324

3142 - 1234
1234 - 2413 reorder by 1324 = 2143

1446 reorder by 2143 = 4164

S| 0123456789
4| 6789012345
1| 9012345678
6| 4567890123
4| 6789012345

6705 reorder by 2143 = 7650 = 3596
Oh..............I See.............

Great, no wonder I was getting it all wrong.

I Know I have come into all this a bit late, and this may be old news for most of you, but it is a challange to me, like a puzzle, and just can't put it down until it is solved.

I will try it tonight.

Thanks Hamba
It was fun to work out the codes again.

I haven't done it since XV stopped - not that I ever watched it much.

At least I could check if I'd got it right. I don't like RH so I avoid doing it now.
Yes I Know. ........... It is not that I want to watch Redhot, it is C***. It was just the challange of working out the codes.

My next challange is to make an Excel spreadsheet to work it all out for me. But in order to do that, I need a good understanding of how to do it by hand first. (pardon the expression)

Do you know if there are any other channels (worth watching) in the pipeline that are going to use this method of "masking" the channel?
Don't know of any at the moment.

Looks like XV is keeping its options open: who knows, they might come back.

how do i get the codes from my matsui topup tv box and what do i need
Hi mark2005

You wont be able to extract these codes from your matsui box ! You will need to get a pc based version, ie I use a Nebula Digitv usb device. This comes with the software you will need to extract the digital teletext information you require. Then this needs to be put through a compiler so you can read it. Then you can work out the code you need using "nix9's" sticky post on understanding RH/XV.


Just to say thanks for putting me right, tried it last night and it worked a treat. Got fed up with Redhot after 30 seconds and went to bed!!!!!!!!!!

Lets hope some other station comes along to make all this worth the trouble.
Yes I did read it, but I presumed my post count would be toooo Low!!!!
Not necessarily. You don't appear to have come here just to get something for nothing. Rather, you seem to have a genuine interest and started posting without asking for anything.

Why not PM Rat or Reddevil.

There's some old stuff over there that I am sure you would enjoy looking at.
OK, thanks. I may try that. But in the mean time I see the code has changed to 2112 tonight!!! More pen and paper stuff, and a new sheet on the spreadsheet to start!!! Just when I perfected the 223 codes!!

Oh well............ Keeps me busy I supose
If you PM one of the mods (RAT or reddevil) you should get access to the 'closed' forum which contains more examples.
Thanks to both Hamba, and Dommac2000. I did as you both suggested, and Reddevil has let me in. ooooohhhhh...............LOTS to read!!!!!!!!!!!