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    Technomatesoftware has taken one of the best images available for Linux Technomate HD receivers, and made it better for the end user, with a twist.

    Normally, you download an image, set it all up, install cams, install plugins, install channel lists, this is all done for you

    Not only that, but its been done for each of the different parts of the UK & Ireland (to an extent)

    There will be 4 versions of each image for each receiver, England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

    The Default things for each image are

    CCcam installed, set to auto start, just enter your line details.
    Icefilm streaming plugin installed
    Rats channel updater
    Some graphical changes

    The IRELAND image has channel listings set in the same order as an official Sky digital receiver, plus the RTE and 3Channel on demand plugins installed

    The ENGLAND, SCOTLAND & WALES images, all have the BBC iPlayer and ITV player plugins installed, as well as regional channel lists set out in the same order as an official sky digital receiver.

    England region is set to London. Scotland is set to Scotland East, and Wales is set to HTV Wales.

    These images are edited backups of the excellent OpenViX image, and created to make things easier for you, the end users.

    I'm sure youll enjoy using them.

    Available for download @
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    Re: TM-TWIN regionalised images

    are these regional images going to be available for the tm 2t

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