1. G

    Video Query

    Hi M8's Has anyone any ideas on how I can arrange this, please? I have created a video and embedded it into an email using Outlook 2019. The problem is with YouTube videos they play by putting the code into the email but then continue to play the videos that YouTube recommends. This means the...
  2. grfx

    Vu + solo se

    Hi all, Did anyone had a issue / glitch with the open pli image youtube player ? the symptoms are : if You start it and play a video the sound is on but the screen except the gnu is black it dose work from time to time but i cant seem to find a way to make it work permanently on the...
  3. Kryton

    Why men die first

    Now we know :-) Includes explicit language incase of younger viewers. why men die first
  4. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] youtube plugin 2017-12-11

    youtube_1 + git239 + ea6b8be-r0 Quote: - plays any 4k ultra formats thx @ Taapat
  5. Grimeire

    Youtube no longer available on fire tv from jan 1st

    Youtube no longer available on fire tv from jan 1st as google dropping support over dispute click here