1. bilabonic

    Sensible Topic Anyone having problems with Virgin Email ?

    Hi I use Virgin as my ISP and have 3 email accounts linked to Thunderbird, 2 are the older and my main/latest one is a For some reason it started asking me for the password on the Virgin one, which i repeated several times....Kept stating it was incorrect ?? I...
  2. bilabonic

    ADVICE - Setting up ZGemma H.2H and Wifi Dongle ?

    Hi All I am looking to set up a Zgemma H.2H box BUT i want to connect via Wifi. I will be using Virgin as IP. I just came across this BUT i have no clue if it is suitable or how to set it up ? USB Wifi Wireless Dongle For Satellite Receiver OpenBox V8s F8S ZGEMMA H2S H2H | eBay Has anyone...
  3. K

    For Sale: Original Zgemma H5.2TC (12 months warranty)

    I am selling a Zgemma H5.2TC which was brought for a friend who then changed their mind and gone for an IPTV only box. This is only a few days old so still comes with 12 months warranty and is unused except to initially set it up. The Zgemma H5.2TC has two DVB-C (Cable)/DVB-T2 (Terrestrial)...