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World of Satellite Toolbox Version 2017-06-25

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A toolbox that gives you the convenience of manipulating all aspects of Linux Based satellite Receivers

This app is a Windows PC deployable app but does include mac tools as well

Release Notes

Satellite Tools

1 Dreambox Edit Portable
2 Dreamset x86 & x64 Portable
3 Sat Finder
4 Signal Meter
5 Dream Logo Generator
6 Dreambox Manager
7 Vu+ Util
8 DreamUP

PC Tools

1 Filezilla Portable
2 Putty Portable
3 Notepad ++ Portable
4 VLC Installer

Mac Tools

1 iDreamX Installer
2 Dreambox Edit Mac Installer


Images for:
1 Vu+ Series Section
2 ET Series Section
3 AZBox Section
4 Blade Media Section
5 Dreambox Section
6 QBox Section
7 SpiderBox Section
8 Technomate Section

Change log

Satellite Tools

1 DBedit
2 Dreamset x86 & x64 Portable 2.3.6

PC Tools

5 Notepad ++ Portable

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