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Vix Apollo 090 - Sunray Solo2 (V2) 2017-06-25

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Vix Apollo 090 (for Sunray Solo2 only)

Uploaded by ketmp
Source Date: 22/11/14
Kernel: 3.13.5
Drivers: 21/10/14 (patched, 100% safe)

This is my working backup of Vix Apollo 090. I created it by replacing drivers with patched drivers. It is basically a plain Vix Apollo 090 with no customisation except for adding TSMedia, Picons and MGCamD 1.38 (along with mg_cfg config file). You will need to customise it further yourself.

I recommend backing up your current image first before flashing with this image.

All credit goes to ramiMAHER, Gjstroom, Bassie and anyone else i'm not aware of that was involved in the patched driver, or how to change driver version number and for supporting us Sunray Solo2 owners.

This image has 100% safe drivers but unfortunately it cannot be guaranteed that this image will not fall foul if any future driver updates/changes if a image update is done.

It is therefore advised to avoid doing any image update.

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At the moment in time builds 095/096/097 have a slight problem with a sluggish loading of EPG and when scrolling through the EPG (ie when moving from one page to another). This only appears to affect all VU+'s (inc clones) with Vix Apollo 095+.

I have read it's being looked into and I can confirm that this problem does indeed exist and therefore I'm not going to upload any of these specific builds. In fact I personally have gone back to build 090.