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Updated Dreamboxuk V212 image dm800 sim2 by robi62 2017-06-25

Updated Dreamboxuk V212 image dm800 sim2 by robi62

  1. dOOds
    Here is an updated version of the lovely image for DM800 Dreamboxuk V2.12 by Rossi2000

    Updated Enigma2 to 17-06-2012

    All the rest of image is as original

    Wifi friendly Zb1211b, rt73, rt3070sta and rtl81787l now working tested by me

    Added Tspanel glass sys utils 5.05 and Dflash for backing up image

    For me one of the best images around……….

    Thank you Rossi2000 for image and Bobsilvio for original rtl8187 drivers and for wlan tips

    Ps this image can also be installed on original dm800 just flash second stage 84 after flashing image




    Enjoy Robi62

Recent Reviews

  1. codepatcher
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Just installed this image. I am unable to FTP into the box with username root and password dreambox. Does anyone know the correct logins please?