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TSmedia 4.7 2017-06-25

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-HellenicTv Greek TV channels
-Simplymovies-films and tv series
-earthcam-live cams from all the region in the world
-sportsdevil-endless live sports channels and many other non sports channels
all plugins imported for xbmc plugins although import to enigm2 not simple and consumed effort and time,the thanks for the genius coders of the plugins
many links in sportsdevil take longtime to open mostly from the source but i will try to fix,errors and crashs may happen because the plugin not well tested and this is just the beginning for importing large numbers of xbmc plugins to enigma2
The difference from xbmcaddons for PCD that he used the xbmc GUI also and this may slow the exploring the menus also alot of crashes and and errors without notification,the only advantage of xbmcaddons we can use xbmc addons with simple editing but importing xbmc addons for enigma2 in my way need more effort to modifiy the original code but more satisfaction for users

for testing only,please feedback for crash and errors

for now only for oe2.0
no available through TSpanel or autoupdate
by telent after moving the ipk to tmp

opkg update && opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk

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