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SkyLookingSetup4Vix (v1) 2017-06-25

SkyLookingSetup4Vix (v1)

  1. ketmp
    SkyLookingSetup4Vix (v1)
    (build 01/09/15)

    This plugin will setup any recent and current version of OpenVix (Hades and current 3.2) to look more like $ky.

    It automatically adds a modified graphical epg to better improve EPG experience, picons (some maybe missing), sky bootlogo and a working mgcamd mg_cfg file.

    This should work on most enigma2 boxes.


    • Recent or current OpenVix image
    • OpenVix-Blue-HD skin installed and setup

    This plugin will overwrite any picons installed on your box in, "/picon", overwrite any default bootlogo with 'Sky Believe in Better' bootlogo' and will overwrite any mg_cfg for the mgcamd softcam.

    This plugin shouldn't be used on any box with very limited freespace left in root. DreamMultiMedia (DMM) boxes are known boxes with generally very little freespace left (if any).


    Below are some screenshots of how the setup should look:-





    Thanks goes to Rossi, Matt and anyone else at WoS for the modded graphical epg look.

    Click this Link to Download File:
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  1. ketmp
    Version: 2017-06-25