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Skin Pingu_TM for VTI 2017-06-25

Skin Pingu_TM for VTI

  1. wova
    VU + Pingu_TM for VTI and BH
    created a fashion skins PINGU_TM by @ riki1966 for VTI and BH
    INSTALLATION [ : Put the downloaded package to / tmp , then log on to the decoder via telnet and issue the command : tar- xzvf / tmp / *. Tar.gz -C /

    mod Black Hole - download HERE - after installation restart the GUI first and then the choice of a skin

    - corrected display of Picon
    improved spa - infobar

    NOTE: New version 6.0.8 VTI - 985 If you have previous versions before installing PINGU_TM please delete the folder from the / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions /

    - Additional opportunity to choose the style of " channelselection " in the plugin : ping , pingu_full , weather and Infinnity
    - Fixes in movieselection ( someone asked about the selection bar ;-))
    - Added infobar and secondinfobar dark
    - Added test & infobar and secondinfobar man utd with this skin Premiere League ( thx masterpolo ) 05/08/2014
    - Matched VTI Update 04/05/2014
    - Fix crash taskscreenlist
    - Other minor fixes ;-)

    NOTE: To picony shown correctly to be used XPicon 8-bit transparent .
    ZZPicony 8-bit or 32 -bit thrown into the folder ZZPicons

    Thanks for kol.riki1966 and the rest for the creation of a skin cool . ​