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Service Named Picons (SNP) for OpenVix/ATV 2017-06-25

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All modern images now support Service Named Picons (SNPs) but older images still only support Service Reference Picons (SRPs).

Rat's picons now only supports images capable of supporting SNPs so due to this I have attached the Picon.pyo file from a newer image.

This should work on older OpenVix/OpenATV's but I can't test this.

I advise that you do a full image backup first before trying this file.


  1. Using Telnet (or another similar software), put box to sleep using "init 4" command but keep Telnet open.
  2. Using FTP Software (I use FileZilla for Windows), extract the filename "Picon.pyo" to: "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Renderer" over-writing the existing file.
  3. Still using your FTP software, right click on the "Python.pyo" file and change file permissions/properties so it reads 644 (if it doesn't already).
  4. Close down FTP software and go back to Telnet (start new Telnet session if you accidently closed it down) and type command "init 6" which will restart your box.

That's it

This is only for OpenVix/OpenATV.

For the OpenPLi version, see here.

Click this Link to Download File:
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