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Phantompatch-TM5402M3_116p_01-05-2014 2017-06-25

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M3 only

This patch is for testing ,after downloading the patch please make sure to press V Format/Red button
Pre tested . Like for like with 2 identical Hitachi LED 42 inch TVs side by side of TM-5402-m3 -TM-5402-m1/m2-TM-7102/6902/Vu+duo-TM-Twin/extrend 9100.
1-Defaulted in auto but can be changed.
Function of AUTO means Receiver will refresh the TV to correct resolution within one second blink.
Refresh happen only when changing from sd to HD channel, in group of sd or hd ,changing channel will not refresh again .
2-Colour adjustment defaulted to Gamma 48/Brightness 51/Saturation 47/Hue 45/sharpness 5.
Auto function will send correct signal/data to any TV to refresh its resolution .in M1/M2 Example if 1080i selected and channel is in sd or hd with different resolution like in some hd channel sd resolution been broadcasted,
up scaling is not going work properly ,Best way auto function to be used at all time.

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