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Open BlackHole 0.1 (Open MultiBoot) Sunray Solo2 2017-06-25

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Open Black Hole 0.1 (with Open Multiboot 1.0A) for Sunray Solo2

Build Date: 19/06/2015

Drivers: 11/05/2015 (patched)

Whats New:

  • OpenMultiboot 1.0A modded by Meo
  • 3rd Party plugins
  • Epg Panel with XMLTV import, EPGimportfilter and EPGsearch

Main Features:

  • Full Hd skin (1920x1080)
  • HbbTv
  • Open GLes animations (Duo2, Solo2, SoloSE)
  • Xbmc (Duo2, Solo2, SoloSE)

Black Hole:

  • Blue panel
  • Green Panel
  • Extra Settings
  • Addons panel
  • Compatible with Pli plugins and Skins

*** WARNING *** If you have used Open Multiboot previously, you must remove all folders and files from your Usb and Hdd devices before you use this patched version.

What is Open Multiboot 1.0A modded by Meo?

OpenMultiboot by Skaman is a newer and more advanced version of the popular Meoboot plugin that has been used in BH images for a long time now. We previously included a patched version of OpenMultiboot in the OpenBlackHole 0.1 image update 06-06-2015, however there were some limitations in this earlier version.

This latest patched version of OpenMultiboot has had large parts of the code re-written by Meo to allow it to work correctly with all Vu+ boxes, and more importantly most of the popular images out there.

The main advantage of OpenMultiboot over Meoboot is that it will swap the kernel and drivers when you swap images. This means that no image drivers or kernels get mixed up, which stops images from becoming corrupt, and therefore it means that any online updates can be applied to to any image(s) that are used in multiboot, as well as the image in flash, again without the risk of corrupting the images.

You can now use multiple versions of OpenBlackHole in multiboot, you can also use the classic BlackHole images and VTi, as well as OpenPLi and any of your favourite OE-A images.

Meo has also been able to find a way to allow the bootmenu to show up 8 images per page, even with the latest OpenGL based images, however having the bootmenu enabled does slow down the boot time slightly, because it needs to load the video drivers before the menu is displayed. Because of this an option to turn off the bootmenu has been included, to speedup the boot time.

If you disable the bootmenu you just need to go into the image plugins menu to access the OpenMultiboot plugin and select the image you want to boot next.

This version of OpenMultiboot works with most of the popular images out there, however we can not guarantee it will work with all images on all Vu+ boxes.

We also recommend that if you install the Classic BlackHole image into OpenMultiboot that you disable Meoboot in the SpeedUp panel, to avoid conflicts and confusion.

3rd Party Plugins

We have added a selection of 3rd Party plugins to the OpenBlackHole feeds.

EPG Panel

A new EPG Panel has been added to OpenBlackHole, if you press the Blue button and then the Red button you can access this new panel, in here you will find a range of EPG plugins, such as XMLTVimport, EPGimportfiler, CrossEPG and EPGsearch.

What is Open Black Hole ?

It is an exciting new project from the same team that produce the Black Hole images. This new project is based on the PLi git and coding infrastructure, which means it is not only Open Source, but it is also compatible with all PLi plugins, feeds and skins and it also features full online update support (for those users that do not like having to do a full reflash everytime there is an image update). We have just given it the Black Hole touch.

This means it has the Green Panel and Blue Panels as found in the standard Black Hole images, we have also added the Black Hole addons panel and included Full HD skin support, OpenGLes Animations and of course included Xbmc.

As with the standard Black Hole images, we continue to support Genuine Vu+ Boxes only and therefore our images are optimised for Vu+ boxes and will only work on these models (any Open Black Hole, or Black Hole images you see on the internet for other box models or clone models are not official images and we offer no support for those boxes or images).

Do I have to upgrade to this new Open Black Hole image ?

No you don't have to upgrade to the new Open Black Hole image, this image is completely separate from the original Black Hole image, this is simply a new image so we can offer our users more choice, if you are happy with your current image, then you can continue to use that image, if you want to try the new Open Black Hole image then you can do so.

What about the Black Hole and Black Hole Prism Images ?

For those of you worried about the standard Black Hole and Prismcube image, please don’t worry, we remain committed to the standard Black Hole and Black Hole Prism images and image updates will continue as normal, this new Open Black Hole image is an additional project and we are fully committed to all images.

Online updating is possible, but keep in mind future driver releases/updates may harm your box. This image has the driver version patch and drivers write-protected already to reduce (but not guarantee) likelyhood of drivers being replaced during an update. Any updates done are at your own risk!

Credit goes to Sim2/Sunray team (with special thanks to RamiMAHER for the patched xbmc drivers and Gjstroom for patching driver version).

This image has only been tested on Sunray Solo2 clones. Use on any other clones may result in a bricked box. Use at your own risk!

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