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My Cable BackUp DM800SE OpenATV 4.2 2017-06-25

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This is backup of my DM800SE sim 2.10 SSL84D clone for Cable running OpenATV 4.2 (build date 24/08/14).

I've used the BlueHD skin as this was for family and to save me getting asked questions like what do all the other symbols/icons mean, which are more visible on some skins. The RedHD skin would be ideal but on family's old 4:3 TV some menu screens were off-screen. I'd have thought a modern TV would be okay with RedHD skin.

I've removed some plugins I didn't think was needed so has about 5mb spare and installed PlugIn/Skin Mover 0.6 to help with moving some PlugIns and/or Skin's to the USB flash drive I have installed. It's possible to use FlashExpander from the feeds if one prefers this.

I've setup ABM (Auto Bouquet Maker) to update channels daily around 2.40am and EPGRefresh around 3am to re-populate the Cable EPG.

It has mgcamd 1.35a installed and working with mg_cfg (config) file. Just place your CWS line into newcamd.list within /Var/Keys.

As there is no dedicated button for EPG display on these boxes, I've opted to use the 'Info' button to display the EPG. Also, the arrow key < and > I've set for changing channels up or down. Using arrow down/up to bring up the bouquet list in sections to allow quick movement to another bouquet section (eg move from Entertainment to Sports).

So to get going you just need your CWS line adding to existing newcamd.list file and change net id within ABM to your area and maybe change skin (if required) to your own personal preference along with anything else.

I use a cheap USB memory stick to allow the box to timeshift, basic recording and picons. I didn't opt for HDD as box only has one tuner so most likely recording wouldn't get used that often.

OpenATV was obtained from here and I just removed unnecessary plugins.

I would like to thank all the people on this forum who helped me setup this image to my preference and help with sorting the ABM EPG issue I had.

Click this Link to Download File:
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