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GATEWAY ULTRA 3.6.1 PUBLIC BETA, GW.3DSX AND 10.3 2017-06-25

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Posted on December 29, 2015

Today we are back with more presents for all! Let’s list a quick summary:

* Introducing the Gateway 3DSX homebrew application!

* Gateway ULTRA 3.6.1 Bugfix Release
– Menu button speed more fine tuned now
– Enabled in-game menu for demo and system applications (such as Mii Plaza)
– Expanded ram dumper / cheats region to 0x3FFFFFFF
– Fixed forced sysnand booting bug (previously defaulted always to emunand)
– Changed menu highlight color to red

We heard your feedback! And today we have already fixed just a few of those things already with Gateway ULTRA 3.6.1.

And that’s not all, we also created GW.3DSX: a nifty little homebrew application that is loaded through the 3DS Homebrew Channel ( and provides another way of booting into Gateway mode.
This means you can now choose your favorite entrypoint that works with the Homebrew Channel, such as the popular cold boot menuhax, and boot straight into the Gateway menu!

Note that this currently only works for systems up to sysnand firmware version 9.2, but we are working on that!

That’s right! We can already reveal another surprise that is coming SOON: We will be bringing Gateway support to systems that are on the current LATEST FIRMWARE: 10.3 and lower.
So do not update past this version, because we will not be able to bring support for versions after that any time soon!

Happy Holidays to all, and many thanks to the homebrew dev team and community!

That’s it for now, and as always, Enjoy!

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