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  1. spud1966
    Posted on March 17, 2015

    Today we are back with another update: GATEWAY 3.1.1 ULTRA PUBLIC BETA.

    This version fixes a minor bug where the GW3D version tag was not always displayed while in EmuNAND.
    Some speculated this was due to fake microSD cards but it turns out this was not the case.

    Furthermore today we bring support for launching the Gateway menu for New 3DS users up to firmware 9.2 through the use of the “Cubic Ninja†game!
    Owners of a retail copy of “Cubic Ninja†from the USA, EUR or JAP region will be able to use the Gateway 3DS cartridge with New 3DS and enjoy all the cool features as usual!

    The installation for the Cubic Ninja launching method works as follows:
    * Make sure WiFi is configured and working on your New 3DS (You will only need this once)
    * Make sure Gateway 3.1.1 Launcher.dat is placed on the New 3DS microSD card
    * Start “Cubic Ninjaâ€
    * Go to “Create†menu option
    * Select “QR Codeâ€
    * Select “Scan QR Codeâ€
    * Scan the Gateway Cubic Ninja QR code found in the Downloads section for you region
    * After a brief wait, a Cubic Ninja savegame will be installed
    * And the Gateway menu will be launched

    After this one time installation you can invoke Gateway menu as follows:
    * Start “Cubic Ninjaâ€
    * Go to “Create†menu option
    * Select “QR Codeâ€
    * Gateway menu should appear
    We also noticed the multirom menu is not working properly on New 3DS 8.1.0J, and community members confirmed
    so far that updating EmuNAND to latest firmware fixes this issue as a temporary workaround.

    Another pending issue we are working on fixing is the broken “head tracking†functionality
    in Gateway mode on New 3DS. However, some clever community members discovered an easy
    temporary workaround until we develop a proper fix for this issue: Simply close your New 3DS
    lid while in Gateway mode to put the console in sleep mode, re-open the lid and head tracking
    should be working again as expected.

    Last but not least: We have received a decent amount of feedback with regards to
    incompatibility with certain specific versions of “Zelda: Ocarina of Timeâ€.
    We are still working on improving compatibility; expect more news soon!

    NOTE: Support for launching the Gateway menu through Cubic Ninja or Zelda Ocarina of Time on the Classic 3DS is not implemented yet.
    If we get enough interested users we will consider implementing it for the Classic 3DS too.