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ET 8500 backup image 2017-06-25

ET 8500 backup image

  1. lescantle

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  1. lescantle
    Version: 2017-06-25
    A quick guide to flashing the Xtrend ET 8500

    Please only use a 8 GB kinston or sandisk flashstick or less

    Flashing the Receiver.
    1) Power off the receiver
    2) Ensure no other USB devices are plugged into the receiver
    3) Insert the USB stick containing the Backup image
    4) Power the receiver on.
    5) When you see 2 colurs flashing on the front power button (press power button to begin flashing the box)
    6) If successful the receiver will reboot it self after the flashing process has completed.
    7) Remove USB stick that contains the images files.

    The backup build is set to do a full backup flash to your hard drive,I will be adding a couple more backup builds soon an