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EasyMP Network Projection 2.87

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Application designed to send content to any Epson EasyMP projector on a local network, allowing you to do away with cable connections
While projectors can help you display something for a large audience, they can be quite difficult to set up, and connecting the required cables is often time-consuming. To get around this issue, you can switch to a network projector that can receive content directly over Wi-Fi.

EasyMP Network Projection is a specialized utility designed to help users manage Epson EasyMP projectors. It can establish a connection between your computer and any available device on the network, thus allowing you to send and display content.

When getting started, you can let the application detect available devices and create a connection automatically. If there are any issues, however, or if you prefer to handle things yourself, you can switch to the advanced mode.

In the advanced connection mode, the application will list every detected device on the network, along with their status and IP address. You can also provide a device’s IP to establish a direct connection.

You can enable or disable automatic searches on startup, use encryption to secure communications and even adjust the image quality to improve performance. Lastly, users have the option of enabling audio output from the projector or only displaying video content without sound.