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DW BackUp OpenPLi 4 (01/11/15) - v4 flashed Solo2 2017-06-25

DW BackUp OpenPLi 4 (01/11/15) - v4 flashed Solo2

  1. ketmp
    DW BackUp OpenPLi 4.0

    (For Lonrison v4 flashed Solo2 clones only)

    Source Date: 01/11/15
    Kernel: 3.13.5
    GStreamer: 0.10.36 (GIT)
    Python Version: 2.7.3

    Menu Changes:
    Change bouquets in quickzap (enabled)
    second infobar ON, Ok info bar, OK second infobar, OK off
    swap SNR in db with SNR in percentage yes
    Subtitle delay set to 0 helps with lipsync if you ever suffered with it
    auto language (4) set to English by default
    AC3 Yes
    audio streams stored by service No
    Timeshift recording set to /media/usb/
    Picons Show In Channel list On

    Rat’s Bouquet Updater 1.4
    Rat’s Picon updater 1.2
    CoolTVGuide (red button takes you to CoolEPG, green to movies list)
    CrossEPG Downloader 8.1

    Picons installed on root.
    DigitalWorldz Scanner
    DigitalWorldz Radio Screen
    DigitalWorldz Boot


    Click this Link to Download File:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Samieta
    Version: 2017-06-25
    the box do not starting enymore afther flasing it start and sait tuning failed can you help me i have only
    a blue button