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CrossEPG 0.8.1 for Zgemma 2017-06-25

CrossEPG 0.8.1 for Zgemma

  1. ketmp
    CrossEPG 0.8.1 for Zgemma range of boxes.

    This CrossEPG is taken from OpenVix 3.2 (as later versions of CrossEPG in OpenVix/OpenATV and OpenPLi images run really slow on slow boxes like Zgemma range of boxes.


    1. Remove existing crossepg (if installed).
    2. Reboot box
    3. Manually FTP this plugin (ipk file) to /tmp folder of your box (aka Root) and install via menu commands or telnet command
    4. Reboot box again

    Click This Link To Discuss The File:
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