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Blackhole 2.0.9 Solo 2 by AJT clone safe imge. 2017-06-25

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Blackhole 2.0.9 clone safe image by AJT
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I dont know why your box stayed a does take a while after flashing to get started for the first time.
no other users including me have had same issues.maybe you need to leave it for a bit longer till it boots

No you have done nothing wrong.You have just flashed first with blackhole that has splash screen as part of image in and then flashed again with openpli that has no splash screen so BH screen will stay until new splash screen is big deal.

any further problems please use Thread Discussion
i tried this on my clone box through usb method,remember im new to this lol,my box stayed on restarting,so I flashed open pli4.0 clone safe,this has worked fine,when I reboot box,it still says blackhole then boots into openpli,anything you think I have done wrong people cheers.
Thanks I companion image. ay tell you how it goes