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BlackHole 2.0.9 (Ferrari V3a) 2017-06-25

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Black Hole 2.0.9 (Ferrari V3a)

What is new ?​​

  • New bootlogo by mikark
  • Add option: "Preferred tuner" Available in menu->setup->system->customise (Expert mode). Configure which tuner will be preferred, when more than one tuner is available. If set to 'auto' the system will give priority to the tuner having the lowest number of channels/satellites.
  • Black Hole weather: switch to msn provider to fix bug when town not found and implement auto-langauge.
  • Teletext: Update to the latest tuxtxt version (this fix rai hd televideo too)
  • [hbbtv] updates:
    1. works for compatibility.
    2. enhancement for seek on VOD.
    3. fix setDemension.
    [hbbtv/youtubetv] improvement player to stable.
  • switch to black-hole-aio-grab and fix bug in grab picture with pig
  • hbbtv/browser updated.
    - support seek at ARD Mediatek.
    - fix video playback bugs at Tagesschau.
  • set dvbaudiosink caps to support mpeg 4 profile LC and apply relevant patches.
    dvbapp : append gst-plugins-bad-faad on RDEPENDS.
  • [hbbtv] fix ait handling and transparency.
  • update driver
    - Fix dual tuner problem(duo2)
  • [hbbtv] changed ait handle
  • servicemp3 : fix getSubtitleType
  • servicemp3 : fix wrong playing time.
  • [hbbtv] fix zapping delay from ait handling.
  • [hbbtv/youtubetv] fixed volume control bug.
  • [hbbtv] fixed a wrong red-button url bug.
  • [hbbtv] works for compatibility
  • [hbbtv] fix playing live stream after vod stop
  • [hbbtv] fix check vuplus
  • [hbbtv] fix crash restart after installation.
    remove useless initialization.

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