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BillyBits 9000HD Channel List 14/08/14 2017-06-25

BillyBits 9000HD Channel List 14/08/14

  1. manic01
    Attached is my latest Spiderbox HD channel list for the 14th August 2014.
    It has all the popular satellites from 68.5E to 61W and is a full channel list (circa 9,100 TV channels).

    This is an update from the 2nd May 2014 channel list.
    Update to all Sats, TPs & Channels.
    The 28.2E non working HD channels have been moved away to their own section.
    All known BISS Keys added/updated.
    4.8E Magtisat package removed.
    "ENGLISH PL" FAV has the latest best guess channels for the 2014-2015 season.

    Please read all the text files in the archive for more information including:-
    An how to on "Optimising USALS"
    UCAS+BISS Data Information.
    Channel List Information with Editing details.

    NOT FOR THE SpiderBox HD6000.