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BBC iPlayer Recorder version 1.0 (HDD version) 2017-06-25

BBC iPlayer Recorder version 1.0 (HDD version)

  1. davvvo
    BBC iPlayer Recorder version 1.0 (HDD version)

    by davvo March 2016

    play and record iPlayer

    This plugin will only work for users inside the UK or with a UK ip
    recording directory /hdd/movie

    download and unzip

    and ftp the folder




    and restart enigma2

    you will need to have a HDD on your box to use it
    as it downloads fragments to a tmp file which are to big for the flash tmp directory on the box
    the fragments are deleted when you exit the stream
    everything you watch can be recorded
    you can record a stream and watch a different stream at the same time
    infact you can record as many streams as you like at the same time

    everytime you start the plugin it downloads a new list
    so wait 10 seconds for the plugin to start

    tested and working on
    openpli, blackhole, openvix

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