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6000 Channel Editor 2.0.3 - 08/02/14 2017-06-25

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6000 Channel Editor 2.0.3 - 08/02/14

08/02/14 - Version 2.0.3
1 - Added the ability to edit the Favourite Names, this data is saved in the generated xml file.
NOTE: This is only for a reference as the 6000 does not support custom favourite names yet.
2 - Fixed Bug where C-Band Channels were being downloaded when they were not supposed to.
3 - Fixed bug where selecting a "Blank Database" would not clear the currently loaded channels.
4 - Changed the column header in the Internet download from "Name" to "Satellite Name".
5 - Fixed bug where Frequency Polarisations were not being picked up correctly.
6 - Added Software Version to the Name of the main Window.
7 - Fixed bug with clearing the Log.
8 - Added ability to Display the "Satellite Position" or "Channel Count" on to the satellite name in Settings.
9 - Fixed bug with the character * causing some functions to crash.