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    Re: innotab hack / hacking


    I worked out how to use the Innotab's accelerometer, now you can play it by tilting the innotab


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    Re: innotab hack / hacking

    This is very interesting! I came across this Thread while searching for the software for my daughter's InnoTab. Some how it would appear the software was erased and or corrupted. When I look at the Innotab with a PC I do not see any files on the unit at all. Does anyone on here have a copy of the original software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: innotab hack / hacking

    My cousins have the innotab 2s and 3s. I am no programmer, but i can test or whatever on these, as long as it doesnt ruin it. Or hopefully a rom is available.... Maybe? Does anyone know how to install games with decent computer skills. I just need some info....please?

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