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    Just to say coversite up andrunning again,

    ive just got a ps 1 cover for digi world coversite,

    suggest we raid this site and get as many of the latest covers music, films, ps 1+2 covers as we can ,

    before it goes for good m8,s

    regards scoot

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    The big problem is the audio covers m8, looks like they are gone for good, which is why we all need to be adding as many audio covers to our very own cover site as we can.

    Come on guys, just 1 or 2 covers a day isnt too much to ask.

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    Wink covers needed

    yep m8,

    found this on site

    The End Of The Audio Section

    Posted by Yalko on Wednesday, November 27 2002 @ 1:19 GMT

    The money hungry people at the RIAA / IFPI have made it very clear that they don't want us to host audio covers anymore. Itís all about money folks and although we are a profit free organization that runs on voluntary basis those scumbags donít give up and want to shut us down through threatening our host.

    Itís been a great adventure but we cannot afford this anymore. Therefore we have decided to take the audio section offline for good. Thank you all for your support for the past 3 years.

    Please don't mail us for any covers - we've deleted all the artwork. It's gone for good.

    So as Cossie says if we can all upload a couple a day itll be the bees knees on Digi world,

    Ive got a selection of roaring Rangers songs countryboy with front cover now you have changed yer alliegance.


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