Thread: Ford Focus Central Locking (+couple other problems!)

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    Ford Focus Central Locking (+couple other problems!)

    I have a 99 Ford Focus and the back passenger door central locking has stopped working so I have to lock and unlock the door manually. Another thing with the central locking is on cold mornings, it will lock and unlock itself when driving. Always seems to be fine overnight though because I've never come out to it in the morning and it's unlocked itself... only usually when I'm driving it.

    I also have an intermittent problem starting the car. Sometimes when I turn the key, I just get a clicking noise and all the dials max out. Engine doesn't turnover or anything. I've changed the battery and the grounding was checked a few months ago when it started happening but it can be fine for weeks at a time and then start playing up again for a few weeks.

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    central locking- I would check for a break in the harness between the door and the body first.

    Clicking sounds like a sticky starter, hit it with a hammer Honest, you'd be amazed how often a good jolt fixes these things.
    If it can't be fixed with duck tape and a hammer then it's electrical

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    Sounds like the CENTRAL LOCKING SOLENOID needs replaced you can test them with multimeters

    mabee the immobiliser needs reprogrammed if the battery has been dissconected from the car or the key you can hear the immobiliser switching the engine off its a switching noise two clicks and the engine dosent turn

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    had the same problem with front passenger door, checked the wiring all ok, then after 2 weeks started working again.
    as for the locking system locking and unlocking while driving i think thats a known fault on the focus around that time, mine does it and my m8's and ours are year 2000 models

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    i had the same problem in my 2002 focus

    i assumed it was the motor so i got one from the scrap yard but that didnt work after connecting it.

    Took it to a special electrical enginering company they told me it wasnt wired properly, found out another thing during this time, the door wasnt even the right one as it was sprayed red outside but metalic green on the inside lol (maybe a crash i wasnt aware of ).

    I wasted my money on another central locking motor, if its that i can sell you my spare.

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    Well, door has sorted itself out now so for the time being that's fine. Starting problem has sorted itself out for the time being too so......

    Thanks for the replies though

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    yeah because its the fuse contracting in the cold, your central locking fuse has gone, trust me if im wrong i'll eat a hat of your choice,

    the central locking fuse is hidden on the focus, if you look on the fuse board behind the glove box you'll see fuses but not the central locking one, ford in there wisdom (kaaaa ching) hide it so when the central locking goes you have to fork out money, as far as you know the locking has gone but it isnt its the fuse, anyway rambling, if you look at the fuse board you will see its bolted to the body of the car, undo these bolts and you can (its tricky and fiddly) turn the whole fuse board round about half way then you can see the fuse, its tricky like i said but you can get it out and replace, your locking should work, if it goes again id suggest theres another problem and the fuse is blowing because of that, i had it i changed the fuse which was blown but would work at times as it contracted with diff types of weather and it never went again so i was laughing and it cost me for a fuse instead of fords rip off prices.

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