Thread: Trouble installing Autodata 3.24

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    Trouble installing Autodata 3.24

    Hello, I am trying to sort a laptop out for a friend of mine for him to use Autodata on.

    I have installed version 3.24 and have used the Keygen to copy and paste the necessary serial numbers OK.

    However, the needed crack (adbcd.dll) is missing from both versions I have downloaded from usenet.

    And I am sick and tired of downloading .exe files that are apparently for downloading the crack...perhaps it's time to start deleting such infected crap crap off their servers?

    Anyway, if some kind person can pm me with details of how to finish this project off I would appreciate it..

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    Re: Trouble installing Autodata 3.24

    Are you trying to install it on Windows 7 64bit?
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    Re: Trouble installing Autodata 3.24

    Quote Originally Posted by Oily View Post
    Are you trying to install it on Windows 7 64bit?
    Hello Oily, no, windows 7 32bit.

    It is already installed and have ran the keygen to generate the "id answer" for the "id request" part. But the instructions end with the phrase...Thereafter, only the "adbcd.dll" (in Crack folder) into the install directory (usually is to insert the "C/ADCDA2" and replace them with the existing.

    This is where I have come unstuck, as it (adbcd.dll) appears to be a very illusive file to get hold of

    I will try my luck on torrents unless someone can help out in the meantime.

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    Re: Trouble installing Autodata 3.24

    Panic over...problem sorted.