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    Repo/Police Car Auctions

    Hi, was wondering if someone has or knows of any links or places where these police or repo car auctions are?

    Many Thanks

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    Have a read here...

    You should be able to find out some information from your local Police website.
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    Theres an auction place that sells ex-police cars at Witney near Oxford its called west oxfordshire motor auctions,stick it in Google and it should tell you more,i bought an ex-police car from there before and you can save a lotta cash,the nicest ones are the plain cars that CID use but they tend to cost a little more,the ex-patrol cars usually have a few holes in the roof where the blue lights been fitted but these go for a song,all seem to have loadsa miles except the ones from Jersey etc,their site should tell you when the police cars are up

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    Balif possed properties item / bankrupt business contents / products and police recovered items get sold at John Pye in Nottingham. I get like 50% of stuff mostly.

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