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    Pretty sure the Sony ones have iplayer not sure about itv or five though. Also don't the Samsung ones have like an app marketplace? Maybe you can get the on demand apps there? Personally I have a Panasonic player and the Internet stuff is shite, the only one i might ever use is YouTube and even then it fails to load videos most of the time!
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    Re: Smart blu ray player

    Also concider the Zotax Zbox ID36 and Acer Revo RL100.

    These are actually nettops that sport blu-ray drives, and 3D is down to having the correct software installed. Being mini computers you'll get all the OD stuff, Netflix, YouTube etc.

    I've actually got the Revo RL100 and would recommend you go for the 4GB RAM version if you're looking at it.

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    Re: Smart blu ray player

    none of the smart blurays have all iplayer, itvplayer. 4od and demand5 services yet, Samsung and Sony have iplayer and demand5 at the moment and are committed (intending) on bringing the other two asap. I would say samsung will be quicker.

    little_pob's suggestion is better as you have much more control on what you can do with it. The Raspberry Pi is available from the end of this month for about 20 quid and can also do the same things

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    Re: Smart blu ray player

    the apple tv can do all these on demand no probs and can be had new for 85 bucks
    wifi and so on build it.downside is no bluray but it networks easy so streaming isnt a problem

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