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    A couple of Freesat questions...

    Ok, not been in here before, wouldn't even know where to start looking.

    Back story:
    Grabbed my sister a Humax Foxsat-HD Freesat box as a house warming present due to the presence of a minidish on the side of her new house.

    The dish, with a single coax feed was already fitted to the front of the house. However, the previous owners had removed the coax plugs from the various aerial drop-ins around the house and the f-connector from the dish feed. Now, both the aerial feed and dish feed to the living room come through the same hole in the wall.

    Throwing a coax plug on one of the leads I attempted to tune the DVB-T tuner built into the TV. No services where found. Swapping for the other lead got the relevant freeview channels for the area.

    I then made a flylead out of 2 f-connectors and some 75 ohm 'low loss' coax (the cheap Tower stuff B&Q sell) and connected to Humax to what could now only be the dish feed via one of these. However, the Humax fails to find a sat feed on the initial setup it goes though (I left it a good 20 mins). I have yet to try a direct connection onto the dish feed into the living room (to rule out the fly lead).

    So the questions...
    Could I have damaged the LNB buy connecting directly to the TV?
    The dish is approximately on the same alignment with the sky dishes in the area, but what is the easiest (and cheapest) way of checking the dish is actually correctly aligned for Freesat?
    Is the cable I've used as a flylead even suitable for satellite?
    Or should I be looking at something else?

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    Re: A couple of Freesat questions...

    if the previous tenanta took the f connectors they easily could av moved the dish..........thus no channels, check dish alignment for 28.2 e

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