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Slim or tiny Win 7

Discussion in 'Microsoft and Windows Support' started by calisto, May 30, 2013.

  1. calisto

    calisto VIP Member


    As title says, does anyone know of,any links for an uptodate slim or tiny version of windows 7, as have got an old PC here with only 512mb of ram?

  2. rae128

    rae128 Inactive User

    you may try tiny 7, you can get it from torrent.. i dont know bout it.. but was looking for tiny win os for a raspberry pi.. but i think it is not possible.. yet.
  3. monkeyMan3

    monkeyMan3 Member

    why would you want to put windows on a Pi may I ask? also look for 'Windows 7' thin client (it's supposed to be a terminal but does a;; the standard garble windows does)
  4. jackolantern

    jackolantern New Member

    There is a version of 7/8 and 10 for thin clients. Windows Embedded line. It works great and does not need activation.

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