1. Grimeire

    Browser Browser text shortcuts.

    Hi, I work in support and at least 20 times a day i have to write similar sentences. Of course i dont do this i have a spreadsheet of sentences and I just copy and paste from that. While that seem ok usually in each email i have 3+ sentences that i need to copy and paste so it is time consuming...
  2. BensonChiang

    Mac 2018

    Does anyone have the issue that when you watching the film online, the screen will flashing sometimes (not very often)? It happened when I watch Netflix and Youtube. I have to that it's not a major issue, but it happens sometimes. Just annoying.
  3. Grimeire

    Warning MAC High Sierra users

    security issues in new high sierra allows anyone to access root user account. Read more here if you are on High Sierra make sure you update.
  4. Exos

    Keep Your SSD Healthy (And Other Tips) [Windows & Mac]

    There are a number of tweaks you need to consider for an SSD, also you need to remember it isn't a "storage" device as such, it's primarily used for booting OS, increasing speed. Need to consider that you may have to store all you pictures and things you want to keep on an external device...