1. gez

    Led and halogen

    Can you have a mix of led and halogen bulbs in same light fitting. Got g9 halogen in but want to start with eco led ones
  2. DodgyTech

    22v mains LED Strip lights - safe?

    In the past, I've bought 12v LED strip lights that use an LED driver. However, searching for some more to use on the kitchen plinth, I found the following on eBay: Cool White LED Strip 220V 240V IP68 Waterproof 3528 SMD Commercial Lights Rope | eBay I haven't been able to find anything on the...
  3. Oily

    LG LED backlights

    Trying to fix the backlights on my LG TV,as you can see from the photo some of the strips don't work but individually all the SMD's work apart from 5.I've rigged up a variable 3v to 12v psu to try and power the strips (and SMD's individually),some of the strips work whilst others don't even...
  4. Rs2k_Rider

    Looking for tv <£500

    Hi all. Looking for a tv in the sales. 49” ideally no bigger (50” max). Have currently a plasma Panasonic viera that’s around 10 years old ! Looking for something 4K ultra hd. Been looking at Samsung, Panasonic and LG but don’t know what’s good on the market tbh. Also needs to be on site...