1. bilabonic

    Sensible Topic Advise Please -BST PLUMBERS...Pump tripping RCD....??

    Hi All The Ferroli boiler in one of my rental flat's is playing up again, i had it going by replacing the PCB and has run fine for a few weeks BUT the RCD is tripping again as soon as boiler is powered up. When i disconnect the CH pump it is fine, no trips BUT obviously no CH, so i presume 99%...
  2. bilabonic

    Sensible Topic ADVICE - Any Plumbers on here, need advice on part ??

    Hi All I have 2 rented flats, both with CRAPPY Ferroli Domicompact F24B boilers, i repaired the first boiler (needed new O rings and a new fan... The boiler in other flat is now fooked and tenant has done a runner !!!! CW supply to boiler was off/no pressure, Covers were off it as well !! (it...