1. D

    Android Android Pie

    Hi Guys/Gals I had an update nagging me on my Huawei P20 Pro so I updated last night, now all my apps have disappeared The only way to get them to appear is if I change the Home Screen Style from Standard (which it's always been) to Drawer but then I lose Nova Launcher as my default Anyone...
  2. Grimeire

    Ultimate Apps Collection for streaming movies/TV Shows and Live TV

    Android apps for streaming Live TV and for streaming movies/TV Shows What’s in the zip: FreeFlix HQ v3.0.2 [modded] Mobdro v2.0.62 Movie HD lite v4.5.7 [modded] RedBox TV v1.2 [modded] Show Box v4.95 & v5.0 [modded] TeaTV v5.4r [modded] Terrarium TV v1.9.2 [modded] All are modded with the...
  3. H

    Other Best Android Box Player

    Hi Witch player you use, is the best for android boxes? Thx