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  1. pil196

    wanted openbox s10 or 11

    Wanted openbox s10 or 11 any one have any recommendations thanks
  2. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    Hi all i have a problem i need some help with if poss i have a medion pocket pc Md95025 and i used to use it as a sat nav but the problem is i have lost the memory card out of it that used to have the sat nav files on it so what are my options to get this working as a sat nav again? thanks...
  3. pil196

    Ordering from the us on the bay?

    Has any one ever had problems ordering items of the bay from the US ie any extra to pay ect? im thinking of making a purchase but want to do my home work first thanks for any info..
  4. pil196

    Art Academy problems?

    any one know how to get art academy working on the ds i have d/loaded it but it is a 7z file not nds file i have put it on the ds as it is and it doesn't show in the game folder so i renamed the file to nds and it shows in the game folder but has a question mark on it and wont run? thanks...
  5. pil196

    Xbox Spares

    Having a sort out and have a load of old rrod xbox's striped down boards are no good as rrod but have other parts was going to throw them out but will hang on to them for a week or two so if any one is after some parts let me know what you want and your welcome to them.
  6. pil196

    WTD clarkson and top gear dvd covers?

    Hi all just wondering if any one could help out im looking for the dvd covers for the clarkson italian job dvd and the top gear apocalypse dvd if any one knows the location for them would be a great help many thanks.
  7. pil196

    hours of fun

    I remember some years ago some one posting a link to a site where you could add your faces and make a video of elf your self. Well i did it back in 2008 after following the post and i came across the disk i downloaded in 2008 today lol. So i thought i would look the site up again and lol it was...
  8. pil196

    wtd windows server 2003

    hi im looking for windows server 2003 i have scoured all over the net but cant seem to find one to d/load preferably an nzb if any one could help i would most appreciate it thanks..
  9. pil196

    jabs place willem 4.5 tsop48 programmer?

    hi all i have got one of them jabs place willem eprom 4.5 tsop 48 programmers that i used to use but now i want to have a play around with pic chips so dose any one know how to set this programmer up so i can read and write pic chips using the on board zif socket. thanks.....
  10. pil196

    your opinnions on N3?

    I for one will be sorry to see it go but come on we have had a good ride for the price of a bag of pea nuts but i wont miss it. Been in to this for years and i definitely wont miss the i got a box can you sort it for my mate what was a hobby almost took up all my free time im no way a trader...
  11. pil196

    ps1 mod chips???

    just got a quick question on the ps1 chips been down to the local car boot to day and the number of ps1 consoles for sale is unbelievable so for the sake of £2 each i decided to buy a few well like 5 lol i chipped one years ago but its not like riding a bike i have forgotten every thing a did...
  12. pil196

    wtd IYAZ nzb

    im looking for iyaz songs on nzb all i can seem to find is one song replay i don't know if he as brought an album out yet. so any help would be appreciated thanks..
  13. pil196

    for all you pot heads a cheap motor to enhance your street cred

    lmfao when i saw this read the Qs and A's also lol 2005 RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V BLUE on eBay (end time 23-Mar-10 15:10:07 GMT)
  14. pil196

    WTD 3D design software

    Evening all dose any one know of a good 3D design program? as my lad is in a competition at school and has to design a climbing wall and i thought it would be good for him to have a go at doing it on the computer. thanks..
  15. pil196

    any one from Stockport

    Is any one here from Stockport if so im looking for some info im on a history mission but you must know about Stockport in the 1950's 1958 to 1959 to be exact if so please look at my tread here thanks..
  16. pil196

    a right royal find

    have a look at what i found today and yes its genuine what would you do with something like this?.. cant upload image for some reason 500 Internal Server Error
  17. pil196

    date base errors tonight

    having a few date base errors tonight chaps just refreshing and trying to browse other rooms any one else getting it??
  18. pil196

    lite on dg16d2s help needed

    hi all hope some one can help me out i have a lite on DG-16DS2 drive i want to put in my jtaged xbox but the drive had a bad flash so im needing an inquiry.bin identify.bin key.bin so i can edit my dvd key and serial to create me a lite_cfw.bin file and i can then use dos flash to recover the...
  19. pil196


    replyed to a post by davidh ie test 123 testing testing 456 yup working now
  20. pil196

    360 jtag noob questions

    right ok i have now connected up my lpt programmer and smc jtag but in the tut it says i need nandpro i have this 360 flash tool i also have this but i cant seem to find ,infectus nand checker 1.1, md5 comparison tool ,cd info 1b, and the xell image for the falcon if any one could point...