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  1. Kryton

    10 Years Of The Chase...

    Thats brilliant.... I would sort Anne out any day 😉
  2. Kryton

    [Download] KNX EXAM - Question and Answers - No1 - SYSTEM ARGUMENTS

    With another fake like 🤔
  3. Kryton

    Virgin up prices

    Well i have been paying £42 a month for the M100 package since the £3 increase 6 months ago. Today i got a letter telling me there is another £3.50 increase from the 1st of September. So ive called them and said i want to cancel, whilst on hold an automated voice telling me if ive been effected...
  4. Kryton

    Young Lads

    Its all that pizza you eat 🤣
  5. Kryton

    Big the movie

    Ive never seen an alternative ending to it. But out of curiosity i googled it too, seems to be hit and miss. This was the closest i came to finding a proper answer.
  6. Kryton

    Young Lads

    What flavour Pizza? 🤔
  7. Kryton

    DW Picon Request Thread

    Perfect @Napster Cheers mate.
  8. Kryton

    DW Picon Request Thread

    Can we have "Sky Schools Out!" Please
  9. Kryton

    holiday home /caravan etc

    Is that what you call it nowadays 😉
  10. Kryton

    [DOWNLOAD] Snapman's DW SNP Picon Set 28.2E & VM

    Been a pleasure using your Picons mate. Thanks for all the years youve put into making them. So whats happening in your retirement plan? A little Allotment somewhere? Golf? Or just heading straight off to the Retirement home? 🤣. Thanks again m8 Looks like its on your shoulders now @Napster I...
  11. Kryton


    Happy birthday pal have a great day
  12. Kryton

    DW Picon Request Thread

    Depends where you have them stored. But the default location is "usr/share/enigma2/picon" Use your FTP program to transfer them to that location and rename them if needed.
  13. Kryton

    DW Picon Request Thread

    Perfect as usual m8. Thanks
  14. Kryton

    DW Picon Request Thread

    Guys could we have "Sky sports the open" and "Together tv" please 🙏
  15. Kryton

    What is wrong

    Whats wrong here?
  16. Kryton

    Dyslexia in science

    Dyslexics are teople poo 😐
  17. Kryton

    [Download] JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 4.22

    I had to go back to 3.16. Channels kept freezing and stuttering...but just seen on WOS that some guy changed the stream settings in playlist options from IPTV(4097) to DVB (1)...and that fixed his stream problems.
  18. Kryton

    Faith healer....

  19. Kryton

    Hardware PC rebooting

    Have you got any sound / graphic cards fitted, if so you could try reseating cards / memory...although i doubt this the issue if you can run stress tests ok. Also does your new PSU meet the requirements of your hardware? As in enough wattage?
  20. Kryton

    Hardware PC rebooting

    Run this...if you can before it shuts down : Resplendence Software - WhoCrashed, automatic crash dump analyzer If there any crash logs it will tell you what is causing them.