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  1. Falkirk_Bairn

    I worry for scotland

    Yes please!
  2. Falkirk_Bairn

    f'kin amazon prices :(

    Use the code DIGITEN2 , it should get you 10% off any TV taking the price down to £684! I always look for codes before making a big purchase online, has saved me loads in the past.
  3. Falkirk_Bairn

    Reduce sugar intake?

    I use to be the same, all i drunk was cola and lucozade by the pint. I never use to like water, but i started drinking decent bottled water and what a difference its made. Its hard at first but you get use to it, now all i drink is water or alcohol lol. Its got to be ice cold and bottled water...
  4. Falkirk_Bairn

    Going To Amsterdam..

    Im going the start of May, cant wait! Staying on Dam square. Its Queens day when we arrive too which is a massive festival/party. Never been before so should be good! How much is a pint roughly? Cheers
  5. Falkirk_Bairn

    iPhone Live TV (Channel 4)

    I've jail broke my iphone 4 but not done much with it as i only really wanted the free apps. Is there a way to watch live tv? Cheltenham starts tomorrow and the races are on channel 4 so would like to watch them on my phone at work. Also, is there any other way to get free apps other than...
  6. Falkirk_Bairn

    online betting lol

    I use Racing Odds, Football Betting, Free Bets & Tips - Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, FA Cup & more to see where has the best price if its a big bet then go there. I have an account with loads. Usually just open them for the free bet then go back to my Will Hill account.
  7. Falkirk_Bairn

    Resistance Bands

    Just bought these for when i start my PX90 programme. Does the door anchor feel secure? I don't think it drust it not to snap in my face!
  8. Falkirk_Bairn

    Next stage of application - Telephone interview

    Whats the apprenticeship in? I've recently finished mines in Mechanical Engineering. If its something similar be sure to ask about training programs, what qualifications will be gained, will they be sending you to a training centre or college ect. Then basically go on their website, see what...
  9. Falkirk_Bairn

    beady eye

    Without success? I'd say other than the Beatles there the best band ever, and its more taking inspiration from them rather than replicating, in my opinion! As for The Roller, what a tune! I'm a massive Oasis fan so have listened to everything Beady Eye have let out so far and this is by far the...
  10. Falkirk_Bairn

    trip to scotland

    Theres a few up at Loch Lubnaig. About 15 mins from Callendar which is a nice wee town with an awsome chippie!
  11. Falkirk_Bairn

    How do you stop .............

    I got a big bag of Sylica gel in my car and thatd done the trick soaking up the moisture. Try that if you have any lying around!
  12. Falkirk_Bairn

    Gift idea for the Parents!

    Right, im stuck for anything to get for my Mum and Dad. She wants a couple of books and he hasn't said anything but i want to get her something decent. He likes his wee gadgets and stuff but i'm clueless! Anyone got any ideas? Cheers!
  13. Falkirk_Bairn

    P2P for songs?

    Download U-Torrent. ITs got its own search bar which searches the net for whatever torrent your after. Its got singles, if not just get the whole album!
  14. Falkirk_Bairn

    Absolutely DISGUSTED!

    Haha you ever been to a football match? I go to the football every week and would be shocked if i didn't hear worse than that before kick-off! Its all a bit of banter in the end, if anyone doesn't see that then god help them.
  15. Falkirk_Bairn

    iPhone iPhone 4 free case program started

    I got mines a while ago and it was the one i wanted. Incase snap on. Done the job so far and looks better than the bumper i had on it!
  16. Falkirk_Bairn

    When do the tickets for Scotland V Spain go on sale?

    The Pre-Sale started yesterday. For that you will need a code! Im in the supporters club so allready have my ticket, they also sent me the pre-sale code which is ESP1210, not sure if theres any left though. Cant wait for this game and the away game in prague!
  17. Falkirk_Bairn

    Car Polish - Which One?

    Does it really make a difference? My alloys are black and i usually just give them a wash and wax like the body! You think this would be bette?
  18. Falkirk_Bairn

    Car Polish - Which One?

    If you have loads of insects and tar spots i would 100% reccomend a clay bar. Halfords | Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit You wont believe how much dirt it takes of seemingly spotless panels. The bodywork almost feels like glass after you use it. One of the best purchases ive ever made. You...
  19. Falkirk_Bairn

    Tools needed but dont know

    Get them anywhere online or if you need them in a hurry try Halfords or B&Q mate.