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    West Brom parody

    Ive written a song for West Brom fans about their current plight. it's a parody of Craig David's song "Rise and Fall". I only wrote it today so havent spent much time on it. _______________________________________ Sometimes in life you feel the seasons over, When your propping up the...
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    MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift

    Anyone else got this game. bloody awesome. the graphics are even better than Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. having not played the 1st Motorstorm, it was fairly easy to get into but now on the next rank the tracks are quite tougher and there's more rocks, branches, etc.. to knock you off. In...
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    Premiership: Top 3 and Bottom 3

    Who do you predict will finish in the Top 3 and Bottom 3 come the end of the season. here's my prediction: Top 3 1. Chelsea 2. Liverpool 3. Manchester Utd Bottom 3 18. Stoke 19. Sunderland 20. West Brom
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    "Dry your eye's" edit - Fifa 09

    Ive edited the lyrics of The Street's song - "Dry your eye's" and made a version which is aimed towards people who are rather unhappy with Fifa 09. i was going to improvise it more but i thought post it now and let me know what you think. here it goes...
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    Corrie - Vernon singing 'The Masons Arms'

    Classic corrie. Vernon Tomlin (Ian Reddington) - (Don't Fall Into) The Mason's Arms
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    Exclusive! - First Fifa 09 pics

    Im pretty impressed by the level of realism myself. Just hope in-game it looks this good as the shots.
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    Laptop Unstable

    Often when i turn my laptop on Windows fails to start and it comes up with the blue screen of death saying MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. Ive tried doing a virus scan using Avira but it got around 50% through the scan and the blue screen of death came up and it restarted the computer. it took over 1 hour to...
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    Upscaling DVD's on PS3

    On the Options menu i set it to 'Double Scale' then i played a DVD on my PS3 - 'The Day After Tomorrow' but it looked the same as it does when i play it on my DVD recorder, i didn't notice any difference in quality. Is 'Double Scale' the right option to select or not?
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    DVD Recoder fault

    Evey time i put a disc in my DVD recorder - Sony RDR-GX210 it ejects it after a couple of seconds. This happens with all discs - recordable and pre-recorded. has anyone else expirenced this problem before? would it be expensive to repair? ive only had it less than 2 years so it would be a shame...
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    PS3 - Blu Ray Playback

    I just read a review below on Amazon, does anyone know if its true that the firmware needs an update on the 40 GB model. Im on 3 mobile broadband so i wouldnt be able to use it with the ps3 to update the firmware.
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    Man utd v Liverpool stream

    Does anyone have a reliable stream for this game. Ive tried using Sopcast using these channels but it just says No peers found, then i downloaded TVAnts and it just crashes and restarts the computer.
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    Typing test - How fast are you?

    Give it your best shot and post your results - Mine: 293 points, so you achieved position 184787 of 1088937 on the ranking list You type 401 characters per minute You have 71 correct words and you have 2 wrong words I type 71 words per minute
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    CD & DVD Burning An Audio CD

    I burned some mp3's to a CD-RW disc. but when i put it in my CD player the disc only plays sometimes, most of the time it just spins around for a few seconds and then doesnt play. My CD player says 'CD-R/RW Playback' so i know its compatible. What could be the reason for this?
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    CD & DVD ISO Image will not copy

    I ripped a DVD using DVD Shrink and it created an ISO file on my hard drive, Size: 4.35 GB. I opened the ISO file in NTI CD & DVD Maker Gold but when i pressed Ok for it to burn to disc it said it completed in 24 seconds which obviously means it didnt copy the file to the dvd disc at all. Why is...
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    Creating DVD disc problem

    I created a DVD using DVDStyler and put 4 video's on it. When I play the disc in my dvd recorder, 3 out of the 4 video's have no sound at all, the picture freezes and is jerky and there are subtitles on each video. The 4 VOB files I used for the videos play fine on my computer with excellent...
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    Converting VOB to WMV video

    I converted a VOB to a WMV using YASA Video converter but when I play the WMV video it has an annoying pause every 30 seconds or so. Ive tried 'ImTOO MPEG Encoder' also but that was no good, it required a codec to be downloaded even to start playing the WMV video and even then it didnt play...
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    PS3 HDMI Cable

    Im thinking of getting a ps3 in the summer but was wondering how much do you need to spend on a hdmi cable to get excellent picture quality. ive seen some cable for nearly £100. Also some people have said the controller feels light and plasticky, do you recommend getting an additional one or...
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    DVD Shrink unable to rip

    I recorded some programmes from tv onto a DVD+RW disc but when I try to open the disc in DVD shrink it says 'Invalid DVD navigation structure'. I want to be able to edit the VOB so it only has part of the video I want. Is there a free program that will allow me to do this?
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    Premiership Golden Boot

    I just looked on No midfielder has ever won the premership goldenboot. . So maybe ronaldo will be the first midfielder to do it?
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    Disabled man 'killed for sport'

    A gang beat and tortured a disabled man to death for sport, a court has heard. Brent Martin died in hospital after being found with multiple injuries on Sunderland's Town End Farm estate in August last year. A youth, aged 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, denies murdering the...