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  1. little_pob

    "TEST" at the bottom of every page

    Members with less than 5 posts (you had 4 at the time) do not have permissions to see coded out content, spoilers, or download attachments. (Downloads from the download section also need a "reaction score" of +1) As you've now got 6 posts; if you still can't see it, PM me and I'll poke at your...
  2. little_pob

    Bug [code\] stop guests and goggle.. code still seen

    It's 24 hours after reaching 5 posts and a reaction score of more than 0. So should happen automatically for you at some point this evening (25/2/19). If it doesn't, reply here or drop me a PM.
  3. little_pob

    Merging Sensible Chat With General Chat

    The irony being that complaining about it just brings them to the attention of staff... 🙃
  4. little_pob

    Surface tablet locked

    I'd strongly advise against this. It'll more than likely be a sackable offence if you get found out (gross misconduct), especially if you're doing it for newsgroups.
  5. little_pob

    Bug [code\] stop guests and goggle.. code still seen

    I've had a look at User Permissions and can't see anything I did find a plugin: [cXF] Hide Spoiler/Code content so I don't think it's something I've missed, but @Mick and @Ferret might have a few more toys to play with.
  6. little_pob

    Alexa.....Maybe time for a Forum

    I've added prefixes for Alexa and Google, and one called "Advice" intended for help requests. If you can think of more let me know.
  7. little_pob

    No streams playing through vpn.

    Netflix blocks many VPNs to stop people from watching content that they don't have the streaming rights to in the customers actual location. Though some do still work, there is no guarantee they'll work forever: h77ps:// Prime only allows certain Amazon produced...
  8. little_pob

    help needed

  9. little_pob

    Nagra Hex block Decryption

    Shite cleaned up. Again. Admin note: You're all supposed to be working on this together. It's naive to think there won't be payservers if N3 does ever get hacked. Stop the baiting, and stop taking the bait. If a post is attacking you, do not reply, instead use the "report" feature. Otherwise...
  10. little_pob

    Any good gaming PC deals ? advice needed

    I've never had an issue with Scan. They have a wider range of stock than most of the others, including some niche items; but, whilst they are not the most expensive, they are not the cheapest either.
  11. little_pob

    Any good gaming PC deals ? advice needed

    I've had parts from CCL; they're a good company and been going quite a while. AMD Ryzen is the way to go, if just gaming. With Ryzen, the faster the RAM the better, i.e. 3200MHz is better than 3000MHz, is better than 2666MHz etc. With graphics card the bigger the number the better - when...
  12. little_pob

    IPTV advice

    No. See rule 3: Forum Rules - IPTV rules. See also rules 6 and 7: Forum Rules - Digital World Rules:
  13. little_pob

    External Hard Drive

    EaseUS's Data Recovery Wizard Technician can recover RAW drives: Raw Drive Data Recovery with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Not sure about RAW recovery; but generally you'll need an empty drive to recover too.
  14. little_pob


    As long as you realise that this type of drive tends not to have read/write error checking because it slows them down. Grab SeaTools from the Seagate website: and scan the drive with SMART, and both the short self and short generic tests.
  15. little_pob


    Is it detected in the BIOS/UEFI? What are you planning on doing with the HDD? Drives designed for PVR and CCTV have some short comings when used as desktop drives.
  16. little_pob

    Nagra Hex block Decryption

    Admin note: Reply bans are now being issued for this thread. Anyone using a sock-puppet account will be perma banned from the forum as a whole.
  17. little_pob

    Nagra Hex block Decryption

    7 pages worth of shite, and replies to that shite, deleted. Any more rule violations will see this thread closed permanently.
  18. little_pob

    Hardware Screen does this after monitor powers down or sleeps.

    Hmm odd one. The only similar problem I could find on Google was fixed by a driver reinstall, which you've done. In that case they went from the GFx card manufacturer's driver to AMD's unadulterated driver. Long shot, but have you swapped out the signal cable?
  19. little_pob

    Nagra Hex block Decryption

    I'm going to clean this thread up at the weekend. During that time it will be closed to replies. All off topic posts will be removed. All personal attacks will be removed. All off site references, including IM screen shots, will be removed. All nonsensical posts, including any replies not in...