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  1. clive58

    SW Update

    Just to let you know that my V+ box updated a while back to SW Version I'm in exC&W Essex Clive.
  2. clive58

    Phone Unlocking W810i unlocking?

    Hello chaps, I've just bought my son this phone and wanted to know if it can be unlocked and how. Which software shall i use? where do i get the files needed? How do i unlock it? Please Please Please :classic: Clive.
  3. clive58

    Best Horror ?

    Can you guys please give me the titles of some good horror films to watch please. I've just seen 1408 and that was good for some jumps lol. I liked the Saw collection too. Any more? Clive.
  4. clive58

    Wall-E not working on TTDS?

    Has there been a sw update or something since MoonShell171 on the TTDS? I ask because i had the game wall e working ok now it gives an error 7 loading the file. Any help please? Clive.
  5. clive58

    Remote desktop?

    I have 2 pc's on the same router which are too far away to keep running upstairs and downstairs to each other to keep an eye on while they do things, so: How do i set them up to be viewed on one desktop wirelessly? Clive.
  6. clive58

    802.11g Wireless LAN Wifi G PCI Adapter / Card for PC.

    Hello chaps, I've bought a802.11g Wireless LAN Wifi G PCI Adapter / Card for PC off of e-bay for my little girls pc I got which is on Win2000, my problem is as I dont use 2000 much I dont know how to set it up to work with my linksys router on 2000, I've got the software installed and the card...
  7. clive58

    One for the boffins lol.

    I've partitioned a HD and formated and installed XP pro on it and now I want to go back to format the remaining part of the hd with a comand prompt. I'm inputting: "format D:" and its giving me this: "The type of the file system is RAW. Please use the /FS switch to specify the file...
  8. clive58

    3 bios beeps ?

    My sons PC has been working fine untill last week when it started to beep 3 times for 2 seconds each on bootup and thats all it does. No bios access ect just the 3x2 second beeps. I've researched this and its meant to be "3 Beeps Base 64K mem failure Bad memory" I've swapped the P4 chip...
  9. clive58

    ATI Radeon Graphics cards?

    Is there a site which compares the Radeon graphics cards? Basically I don't want to sift through all the blurb on each card to find out which card is faster/ better than the other products they have. I thought that if the model number was higher it would be better but this is not so. ie...
  10. clive58

    New pc rebooting?

    I've made my boy a simple PC but when it boots-up it gets past the bios then you see the first windows xp screen for a second then it re-boots to the bios again! ? Beeps once when starting to load the bios again. Does the same thing in safe mode and every other mode You try. using onboard...
  11. clive58

    Leh1082***** ?

    I've been asked if this old Wii can be done and which chip is the best 1 to use on it. Serial on it is: LEH1082***** Can an Argon be used on it? Clive.
  12. clive58

    XP Password log on?

    My niece has a problem with her lappy and Im after a way round it if possible. She dropped her lappy and now it asks for a password log-on which is strange as no passwords are set. I've checked in the BIOS and passwords are dissabled, its just for loggin on to xp it seems. Any ideas...
  13. clive58

    DWz DumbAss Award.

    I think there should be a DWz DumbAss Award to be given to the member who finds the funniest dumbass story. We all know of someone or something that happened that just strikes you as being so f*cking dense it begs belief. I mean how many of you know of someone who has said something is not...
  14. clive58

    Anyone heard of limited wii-fit board connections?

    I just updated my brothers Argon to 1.8 cause he got the wii-fit and was worried about the update but while I had it at mine I connected my wii-fit board to it to test it was working ok after the update which it was, now its gone back and he cant onnect his wii-fit board for some reason...
  15. clive58

    What is the best online car insurance quote site?

    I just got a car because my old banger has been costing me a fortune on repairs etc. I'm with AA Insurance at the mo' who I've been told are the most expensive and I want to go for another qoute from somewhere else, I'm 4 months into my current contract btw. Any links please? Clive.
  16. clive58

    Has anybody got Wii fit working on a modded Wii?

    I was Wondering if anyone has Wii fit working with an Argon chip? Only that its asking me to update and warning me it might brick it so I've updated my Argon to 1.8 first and I want to know if anyone is working ok on wii fit with an Argon chip. P.S. Thanks jase for the info on how to update...
  17. clive58

    CD & DVD cbf file?

    I'm trying to get a backup of an original disk i have which is scratched beyond repair of a game called vietcong. I've got a file with an extention of: .cbf .sfv .BIN I'm getting old now and cant remember how to process them lol. image burn? clonecd? nero? Feck it i'm tiered lol. Clive.
  18. clive58


    I've managed to get a SB5101e modem hacked with the 250 f/w working on a known working mac at mine but as the modem is my brothers, after I take it to his, it stops working :( My Bro' is in Collier Row (Romford ish Essex.) and I've tried macs from Barking & Hornchurch areas and macs gentlex...
  19. clive58

    Todays eX_c&w Rst int eep_11-04-08_11.35am

    Try this: Clive.
  20. clive58

    How to Process your Ext eep

    For some of you the Rst files may not be working so just enter the keys manually into the ext eep of your AU Fun or Atmega card. 1). Do this by reading your Fun/Atmega card and saving the Flash & Ext eep files. Your programer will probably save the file in a hex format. 2). Convert the...