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  1. logic_187

    netid 41069

    Hi has netid 41069 been superseded? i tried to do a scan recently and it came back with nothing. I also set the tuner to bruteforce scan and it didnt pick anything up either. I seem to have some random channels no longer working like SKY cricket SD and was going to rescan in case they had moved.
  2. logic_187


    Hi I remember a little while back some Premium Sport HD channels were not clearing.....with that in mind looking forward to this weekends big boxing.....does SBO PPV still work?
  3. logic_187

    taking sky box to another house to watch PPV

    Hi where PPV is concerned....if a friend buys the PPV event at his house can he bring the box and card to another house to watch and does it need a phone line connected? or is there any gotchas to watch out for
  4. logic_187

    Help with oscam

    Hi iam trying to locate a full ipk version of oscam for openatv, however all i can find are oscam binary. It seems openatv have removed softcam install from the download menu as it fails. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. logic_187

    Missing ppv

    Hi need some help trying to find the ppv sporting events on cable. I am using autobouquets to create listings, however i dont have an interactive or ppv folder in bouquets once generated. Also if i look at 'all chanels' i cant find the s#y events/ppv channel. Does anyone know what the chanel...
  6. logic_187

    how do i return something back to DW shop??

    Anyone know what the return address is for DWshop??
  7. logic_187

    Autobouquet help/questions

    Hi been playing around with autobouquet_C2 and ABM. but for the life of me cant get it to work properly. I couldn't get ABC2 to work, even though i set the converted NETID to my area in the script. Also it didn't show my area in the plugin list(is it supposed to??) when it is ran. So i decided...
  8. logic_187

    iPhone iphone unlock help

    Hi need some help I have 2 iphone 4s and 5s both on Vodafone which I want to get unlocked so I can use it on another provider. I can't ask vodafone to unlock it as I don't have the original persons details. What are my options? I have looked at jail breaking but I don't trust the software...
  9. logic_187

    klitschko Vs Hay - which sats

    found this........... some may find it useful..... if anyone else has more or which are english please add to the thread. Al Jazeera Sport 1 - 7w,20e,26e Digi Spor (hun) - 1w,9e Fox TV (turkey) - 7e,42e Inter (Ukraine) - 4w Nova TV (Cro) - 1w,23.5e - 0.8w,15.8e,23.5e,39e,45e RTL...
  10. logic_187

    [WTD] USB 2.0 Certified A to Mini flat 8-pin Cable

    look for one of these for my camera, if any one has one they dont need let me know. thanks
  11. logic_187


    alright mate, did you get anywhere with the box you sent back to china? can you also turn your PM on ? thanks
  12. logic_187

    DM800 Tuner problem

    got an issue witha dm800 clone, since flashing from gemini 4.4 to Nab11 my box doesnt pick up the tuner???? forgot to say its bootloader 72 can anyone help
  13. logic_187

    whats wrong with the gooners lately

    Whats wrong with us lately, the last 2 games we have been piss poor. especially the champions league game, i felt sorry for Liege and they didnt deserve to lose. that must have been the worst performance by everyone in the team except vermalin. Whats wrong with Fabregas, he's not been...
  14. logic_187

    breaking news: £80m for ronaldo from Madrid

    Taken from BBC website: Man Utd accept £80m Ronaldo bid Manchester United have accepted an offer of £80m from Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. "United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player," said a statement from the English club. It added that the...
  15. logic_187

    difference between 230V + 240v ??

    whats the difference between 230v and 240v? i bought a drill (mains powered) which came as 230v, is this supposed to be correct as i thought the UK mains is 240v at 50mhz.??? Can you use a 230v electrical equipment on UK mains? can anyone shed any light before i look into sending it...
  16. logic_187

    FS: mobile phones

    ok been in the attic and clearing out stuff and came acrross some mobile phones I have for sale 2 sony erricson D750 and 1 K850. They are all locked to T-mobile and have the odd scratch and small cosmetic damage here and there D750i will come with a minimum of a charger and manuals...
  17. logic_187

    Arsenal V Liverpool game

    Well well well i cannot believe we threw away a win. Our defence was a pile af shit, and that is putting it can you buckle with a few minutes to go. As good as Gibbs has been, his inexperince showed yesterday..... then there was that waste of space silvestre, Toure and Sagna...
  18. logic_187

    MOSC with ROM rev A1A?

    I have been playing about with an image (no bug catchers etc). i treid to write it to the card but it failed now its showing as revision A1A? how can i get back into the card?? Opening of COM1 was successful ATR String: 3F FF 95 00 FF 91 81 71 A0 47 00 44 4E 41 53 50 30 31 30...
  19. logic_187

    Wtd dm800

    I've decided to take the plunge into a HD sat reciever, i'm looking for a DM800 original prefered.......hopefully some one has one they want to sell :-)
  20. logic_187

    @ pinkhelmet - problem with Sky card

    I'm using my sky card in my TM9100 with CCAM+NEWCS and its been updating fine, however it has now stopped updating. This happened a few months ago and i had to put it back in my SKY box to update it then it would work fine in my TM9100 Would you know why i have to keep on doing this? I...