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    Can't remember name of song

    It was the screeching bit and Julian Cope-ish voice that triggered a memory. It was the year I left school, showing my age now. You're welcome, I hate earworms myself
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    Can't remember name of song

    All I can think of is Party Fears Two by The Associates
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    I'm opposed to Capital Punishment but...

    Reminds me of an old Ben Elton sketch
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    Excel training

    Online course but code still works, if you overwrite the automatically applied April one
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    Smoke alarm 1 or 2 ?

    Two will give you a better chance if a fire starts at one end, you'll know sooner and so can react quicker.
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    Excel training

    Ah, perhaps can't view coded or quoted text.
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    It's back again !!! Free Wilkinson Sword Hydro Sense 5 Razor

    Got mine today as well, cheers
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    Excel training
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    Sneaker, yeah was the first thing to be directed to in the YT vids
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    Wouldn't allow source repos from internal URL, it's 17.6. Just been at it again and managed to get some addons to install and run from the zip I downloaded, no matter what repo I used. All recent ones from this month on Youtube, none would install. Let's put it down to user mis-op unless it...
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    Mine updated even with all the above settings OFF. I had no control over it and although I could install Kodi a few minutes ago, I can't install from zip or repo using the normal methods in Kodi's menu. I located the zip file path online, dropped it to the stick's "external storage" using FTP...
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    Merry Christmas DigitalWorldz

    Merry Christmas to everyone
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    Android TV Box 7.1 Smart TV Box 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM 4K

    Smarters sounds good if I can get live TV, I've already installed VPN software too, time to mooch through alimac's post
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    Android TV Box 7.1 Smart TV Box 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM 4K

    I can't work the remote, but luckily I had a spare K400 keyboard tucked away after my M8S went bang last year. Didn't like most versions of Plex I threw at it, the Playstore one was crippled and I don't have a Plex Pass, but got an old one from apkstore dot org. Have no idea what else to put...
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    Half hour jobs you just hate lol

    Writing Christmas cards out
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    It's my Birthday

    Happy birthday spud
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    TVTap v2.6

    Cheers, couldn't get 2.5 to work. I'll see how I go with this.
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    Paphos Al

    RIP Paphos Al, very much a name I remember from the good old dbox2 days
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    Glastonbury tickets

    And he's the twonk that kept Ultravox with Vienna off the number one spot in UK charts way back when I were a lad, John Lennon can be forgiven mind.