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  1. Fergalsworld

    Word 2013 Header Query

    I need some help please with a template my issue is i need to create a template with a header and footer that can only start off being 1 page with no blank pages below it, but then if the amount of text typed creates a second page it will only have the footer on it and not the header on the...
  2. Fergalsworld

    Viglen Connect 10.1" 32GB Windows 10 Tablet

    Viglen Connect 10.1" 32GB Windows 10 Tablet Intel 1.33GHz quad core processor 1GB RAM + 32GB Storage 10.1" IPS Display WiFi + Bluetooth Windows 10 Seems a good price £44.99 Enjoy ;)
  3. Fergalsworld

    Firestick backup

    My mates coming over tomorrow with a new firestick, anyone got a decent back of kodi i can put on it oh and how would i go about doing it Thanks in advance
  4. Fergalsworld

    Request: Latest Blackhole image for Ibox4

    Anyone got a safe backup of the latest blackhole image for a Ibox 4 they can upload please Thanks in advance.
  5. Fergalsworld

    Iptv on a smart TV

    Found this might be useful to some This works 100% on LG and also on some Samsung models Go to apps and search smart IPTV and install it (use the free one to test it) Once you have your MAC code go here to upload your channel list. Channel lists can be found...
  6. Fergalsworld

    Vax sale

    If anyone needs a new pressure washer, steam cleaner or hoover Use MSE15 Enjoy ;)
  7. Fergalsworld

    Windows 10 Now Available Via Windows Update

    Microsoft has just given Windows users one more way to experiment with Windows 10. You don’t have to be an Insider to do it either. You just need to download and run a small executable to kickstart the Windows Update process. You can’t simply head to Windows Update on your computer and find it...
  8. Fergalsworld

    Matchbox Rocket

    Might have a go at making some of these :) Template attached!! Have fun but be safe! Template Attached Enjoy ;)
  9. Fergalsworld

    Caught speeding? Don't want to pay? Read this

    Speed Camera Loophole Exposed Extract from The Western Mail ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magistrates' courts could grind to a halt if thousands of motorists exploit a legal loophole unwittingly exposed by a Welsh driver. Magistrates had no choice...
  10. Fergalsworld

    Goodbye skateboard, hello Hendo hoverboard

    Hendo and Arx Pax are working a hoverhoard, and it’s wicked if you’re into that type of stuff. The board is a self-powered unit that levitates using four disc-shaped hover engines, which create a special magnetic field that pushes against itself. Purportedly, the current prototype can handle a...
  11. Fergalsworld

    Network Provider Samsung Galaxy S3 Tethering Problem

    Got a Samsung Galaxy s3 on the three network which the internet works ok using the phone but when i tether it via usb lead or portable wi-fi hotspot to a laptop it connects ok and says connected with internet access but cant get on the net with it, do three block using it this way? I have tried...
  12. Fergalsworld

    60% code @ Hi-Tec

    60% code @ Hi-Tec now applies across half the range eg Zuuk WAS £34.99 now £14.00 delivered @ Hi-Tec 60% code is TRAINERS60 Enjoy ;)
  13. Fergalsworld

    Brazillian Street Artist Doing Justice to Sultans of Swing” By Dire Straits!

    Willian Lee – is a music producing artist that roam the streets of Brazil. Most of you might think that his career is unlike others. Upon first sight, you may think that his is not as glittering as the music careers of famous artists. But anyone who has heard his music will not argue that he is...
  14. Fergalsworld

    How to Still Get Windows XP Updates

    Microsoft officially pulled the plug on Windows XP on April 8, so machines running it no longer receive updates and security patches, which basically makes the operating system vulnerable to attacks once a critical vulnerability is found. Redmond has been saying pretty much the same thing for...
  15. Fergalsworld

    TM500 Super Flashing

    Ok guys this one has got me stumped sorry for the long winded post but trying to give as much info as possible I got given the above box last week and all it did was show U-Boot 1.1.2 (Tuxbox) failed to boot... going into debug mode [[email protected] boot]$ So I flashed it with about 3 different...
  16. Fergalsworld

    Software Software to burn a mp3 with a cdg karaoki files

    I need some free non trial software to be able to burn these to a disc to play in a karaoke machine I don't think or know if my dvd writer will support a straight burn so i might have to convert the files to cue and bin so i can burn as a vcd Any info would be appreciated Thanks:)
  17. Fergalsworld

    Network Provider Unlock your Three network phone/ipad here

    Three are unlocking phones/dongles and ipads that are on there netork for free so you can use any other network simcard you will need your IMEI of the device you wish to unlock, to get it Type *#06# on your phone’s call screen to get your IMEI number. Write this down, as you’ll need it on the...
  18. Fergalsworld

    Phone Unlocking Nokia Asha 300

    Any help with a unlock code for the above phone on the three network, i have the IMEI number Thanks.
  19. Fergalsworld

    Nook Simple Touch E-Book Reader £29

    Was £79 Now £29 Limited Time only Specs: Size & Weight Height: 165.4 mm Width: 126.6 mm Depth: 12.0 mm Weight: 212 grams Battery Life Over two months on a single charge2 Display 6 inch touchscreen with E Ink®Pearl Display Wi-Fi® Wireless Wireless connectivity via Wif-Fi® (802.11b/g/n)...
  20. Fergalsworld

    Hillsborough justice campaigner Anne Williams dies at 60

    'Inspirational, dignified fighter': Hillsborough justice campaigner Anne Williams dies after battling with cancer Mrs Williams fought to get her son's inquest verdict overturned Her battle credited with leading to new hearings for 96 fans who died One of the leading faces in the fight for...