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  1. gadgethome

    Powerline Adaptors

    I got google mesh a few months back and works really well
  2. gadgethome

    Private email server

    Think there are a few on linux such as postfix but never tried myself.
  3. gadgethome

    Chrome or Windows edge

    I've been using Vivaldi for a few months. Think its based on Chrome and seems good so far.
  4. gadgethome

    mobile wifi

    I always use Jio while in India. I think they give 1GB per day and if you use more, the speed just gets reduced. My unlocked 3 dongle worked as well as using it in my unlocked phone. Good thing about using it in your phone is that Whatsapp still works using your original number.
  5. gadgethome

    Full PS4 4.55 NewJailbreak Setup Tutorial

    Soft mod is really easy to do. Problem is you can't play the newer games at this release.
  6. gadgethome

    Software MP4 editor recommendations

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good free video editing software? Thanks
  7. gadgethome

    Techie christmas presents

    Do you have a link?
  8. gadgethome

    Full PS4 4.55 NewJailbreak Setup Tutorial

    No update. Still rumoured to be 6.20 next
  9. gadgethome

    best ps4 pro HDD upgrade

    If you are on FW 5.05 or lower, you can soft mod it and put your games onto an external drive(s) if you have a spare one. Saves you buying a new one. I recently got the Seagate ST1000LX015 2.5-Inch 1 TB FireCuda 5400 RPM SATA Internal SSHD Hard Drive with 7 mm Form Factor - Silver for a...
  10. gadgethome

    Techie christmas presents

    Thinking about getting Nvidia shield.
  11. gadgethome

    Plex or Emby?

    Hi, I have gsuite with unlimited data. Wanting to put media onto it and wondered how others are doing it. I think Plex has done away with the cloud pass now and the Emby Premiere lifetime is $119. Is anyone using Premiere and would you recommend it? Any other options? Thanks
  12. gadgethome

    Full PS4 4.55 NewJailbreak Setup Tutorial

    I've not seen it available anywhere. I need to keep checking.
  13. gadgethome

    Full PS4 4.55 NewJailbreak Setup Tutorial

    Hope red dead redemption 2 works on 6.02
  14. gadgethome

    Wear os - Smart phone apps

    Gooegle Keep Notes. I tried Telegram but was really slow to use it.
  15. gadgethome

    Echo Dot or Google Mini

    Castle on the hill is amazon music unlimited. Bohemian rhapsody is available on prime
  16. gadgethome

    Other Smart watches

    If its on playstore, then it should work.
  17. gadgethome

    Other Smart watches

    "The Ticwatch Pro watch looks really amazing but how do you navigate the screen if it don't have the rotating feature? " Touchscreen. The screen is large enough and easy to use. Another reason for Tic was it uses google pay.
  18. gadgethome

    Other Smart watches

    Its good so far. Battery life is not as good as they claimed. Having to charge every 2-3 days and I've turned of gestures and other setting that drain the battery. I like the clock faces and being able to change them but most smart watches do this. The Gear has a rotating bezel that lets you...
  19. gadgethome

    Other Smart watches

    I looked at the gear S4 and Ticwatch pro. In the end went for the ticwatch pro as the reviews were good. Got mine for £185 on ebay.
  20. gadgethome

    Safe Browsing?

    Yes it would but it would protect everyone from porn, hacking etc.