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  1. _Phat_

    DigitalWorldz Dream v3

    Great image lot sharper than the enigma one I had been using some very nice features too. Respects Phat
  2. _Phat_

    Nutter driving in the snow

    It's not you is it : shocked2
  3. _Phat_

    are you diabetic?? free meter

    Thanks David mine turned up today
  4. _Phat_

    Amust for all Bikers

    Looks good and at that price I might buy one for my kawasaki TY
  5. _Phat_

    CD & DVD problems burning iso

    DVD Decryptor is getting a bit old now I think the last release was about 4 years ago, it may not be able to combat the encryption in newer movies. On the odd occasion I use it these days I copy to the hard drive first then burn from there. Never used Imageburn, Clone CD, Nero & DiscJuggler...
  6. _Phat_

    Dreambox humming problem?

    With mine if the TV volume is high and the Dreamdox volume low it hums If the TV volume is low and Dreambox volume high it's fine.
  7. _Phat_

    CD & DVD Dual layer dvd question

    Mmm looks cheap enough for Ridisc never tried them personally. I use these "Ritek Arita Printable DL 2.4X 8.5GB DVD+R DL (25)" from here *Rambox.***Stuff for your computer. Online. Ontime. work fine in my 360, out of around 200 disks only 5-6 coasters and i'm sure one or two of those were my...
  8. _Phat_

    sky hacked??

    Instead of Carlsberg or Cider If I use something like a good vintage port will this give me all the channels but with better quality? :D
  9. _Phat_

    Busty British tourist barred from casino because of her 'offensive' breasts

    Offensive tits.... never.... casino must be full of them jealous little tit fem lib types
  10. _Phat_

    Ambulance clamped as patient is helped into clinic

    What a bunch of tw*ts clamping an ambulance this counrty really has gone to the dogs. Next it wil be hearses
  11. _Phat_

    down again

  12. _Phat_

    Dreambox fix

    Many Thanks.
  13. _Phat_

    keys rolled again

    Lol @ IanB :D
  14. _Phat_

    Loading a new Image

    Flash FXP is FTP (File transfer Protocol) software (to upload files to your box) Telnet is a windows prog My guide is for putting a new image on the 500C which is the cable variant of your box. As to what image the choice is yours :)
  15. _Phat_

    Loading a new Image

    This is what I use to load Cable images: Dreambox Easy Flash Enigma .IMG files. Check Dreambox IP in settings Press (Menu button then scroll to two cogs icon) Start Flash FXP Setup new connection using the IP from above. Login: Username: root Password: dreambox Rename your new...
  16. _Phat_

    4 free pints

    Who can reisit free beer! thanks Bro :)
  17. _Phat_

    What was your salary in your first ever job?

    Twelve quid a week back in 1972, how times have changed :)
  18. _Phat_

    Disc repair

    Used T-Cut for years followed by a healthy application of Mr Sheen. "my 360 has chewed up my halo3 disc, anyone got any suggestions as to how i can carry on saving the world?" Are MS still changing damaged disks for free?
  19. _Phat_

    my missis

    Q: Your wife comes out of the kitchen to nag you, what have you done wrong? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A: Made her chain too long!
  20. _Phat_

    Burger King Voucher Booklet- Save £'s!

    Love Burgerking, perhaps a bit to much lol as my nick says! thank you