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  1. john!

    Hi I REALLY need help- DOGS BARKING bad neighbour

    Hi I REALLY need help, My upstairs neighbour has 2 dogs that bark 24-7 when ever he is out , even though i have told him he ignores the prob. and leaves them to bark , last time he stayed out all night (18 hours) it's getting unbearable. My question is , does anyone know of a frequency app that...
  2. john!


    hi again ,...does anyone know if "fatty" still frequents the site or of any contact info for him... thanks
  3. john!

    Hi again...looking for a good box ???

    Hello guys Ive not been around for a lonng time , so "HI" but im looking to buy a cc box and wondered if anyone could help me out buying a good box , I know cc cant be descussed here but its a box i want info on. I want one with a good EPG one that records other channels and one that doesnt...
  4. john!

    can anyone help urgent please

    hi, im in spain at moment and got a text from my son saying that our kryptview a780 is down ,no channels is anyone else suffering same problem, anyone reply for me asap please incase its just needing rescanned so i can txt him back ,thanx for any replies ,,
  5. john!

    help needed with dynamite and mosc

    hi, i was wondering if any 1 can give me a bit of info regarding my dynamite and mosc cards , my cards went down in house (was rights date ) anyway taken them out to reprogram them (theres 3) i put them in my dynamyte and they return no ATR with nagra and XNCS 1.8 , mrom returns and error when...
  6. john!

    Phone Unlocking nokia 7900

    hi i found a nokia 7900 prism and its shut down does any 1 know how to open it up (unbar) thanx
  7. john!

    hi i just bought a ps3 for my son and

    hi i just bought a ps3 for my son and was wondering can u store games on the hard drive and if so how do u do it,since im new to p s3,s i dont know alot about them other than its an expensive "game" so looking at how to get games on hdd so i dont need to buy them all the time and if any 1...
  8. john!

    lookin for a cheap holiday in spain

    can u help me . hi im looking for a holiday in spain (in the next week) (anywhere) and since the euro has went through the roof , i cant seem to find any good cheap deals , tried all the usual holiday sites but there all extorsionit does any 1 know of any good cheap holiday sites to look for a...
  9. john!

    Network Provider orange sim and the internet (cant get on )

    hi , i have an orange phone and sim , thing is i cant access the internet with my sim , ive tried updating wap ect but still cant get on with my simm BUT if i put another sim in my phone i can access the net so i know my phone is set up properly can any 1 help me pleeze to get on net with my sim...
  10. john!

    Ring Tones the hamster dance

    the hamster dance if anybody wants it
  11. john!

    bet you cant ride a bike like this ?

    bet you cant ride a bike like this ?
  12. john!


    sorry mods/admin, was my caravan post removed ? cant seem to find it ,cheers guys
  13. john!

    motorola sb5101e modem powerpack

    hi guys im looking for a power supply for a motorola sb5101e modem ,d oes any 1 have 1 or can they point me in the right direction where to get 1,....or is there a universal powerpack that i can use thanx in advance
  14. john!


    here is the info u needed , files by ice2004
  15. john!

    NET ID,S if u need them

    as above ...
  16. john!

    how do i burn karaoke cdg files ?

    mybe i should have posted this here ?
  17. john!

    Phone Unlocking cerebros unlocker/winimei

    does any 1 know where i can get cerebros unlocker or winimei from , been searching and cant seem to find it ,.thanx
  18. john!

    Phone Unlocking moto krazor 1 unlock info

    this is a tutorial i picked u from another forum , i think it is the info on how to unlock a moto krazor 1 have a read guys might be helpful to yous
  19. john!

    Phone Unlocking samsung j600 unlock

    hi i found a samsung j600 in my taxi,bought a new card for it (virgin as that is the network it is on )but wheni try to call 789 it says unlock and rejects call can any 1 tell me if therer is a unlock code for this phone please ,...thanx in advance
  20. john!

    netgear dg834g

    hi i also aquired a netgear dg834g router and wondered if this could be used on virgin (ntl) also if it can has any 1 got the drivers for his router as i never got them with it ,..thanx guys ps sorry to be so direct , just finished my work and im knackered