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  1. Erazor786

    Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System @ Co-op £1.99 (with voucher)

    Thanks for that mate. Picked up one for myself. Problem with the re-fills though. Quite expensive, trying to find a way of re-filling it myself with my own handwash.
  2. Erazor786

    Old Xbox as a Media Centre

    Thanks all for the replies. Seems like a good purchase really. Not a bad solution for streaming all the avi's and mp4's I've downloaded over the years. Might be a good idea to start watching them now :). Read up a bit on it and the general consensus is its a good buy. Got all the emulators...
  3. Erazor786

    Old Xbox as a Media Centre

    Does it mate? It should be okay with streaming .avi's and .mp4's that I have amassed over the year?
  4. Erazor786

    Old Xbox as a Media Centre

    Just wondering what people think about ordering this as media centre. As far as i know, the old Xbox's with XBMC are quite good at being a media centre, Also can be used to be play the odd game here and there when the nephews and nieces come down to keep em quite :Proud:. Supposed to be decent...
  5. Erazor786

    Ice Pilots 2 theme tune - any one know what it's called?

    Is it Graeme Coleman - Fly away?
  6. Erazor786

    Soccer Manager Online DW League now live :-)

    Well I kind of agree with you that the game in some aspects is bullshit. But I have to say once you find the right formation and squad you should be okay. I tried all sorts of formations, 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1, 3-5-2, and finally settled on 4-4-2. Keeping it simple and I've gone on a 5 match winning...
  7. Erazor786

    Soccer Manager Online DW League now live :-)

    You're not the only one. Just managed to find the right formation and players and seems to be paying off. Got Colin's Barcelona next, might end my little winning streak.
  8. Erazor786

    Soccer Manager Online DW League now live :-)

    Lol, got it wrong there Colin :Proud:. Got my formation and my squad bang on now and am on a bit of a roll. 4 game winning streak, beat Celtic, Spurs, Madrid and Bayern. Should be safe hopefully. Though I've opened my fat mouth and I'll start losing.
  9. Erazor786

    Liverpool v Newcastle

    That's alright mate. Would've let you know sooner, not been on as much, and forgot about it really, until I was having a look at my cash. Lol, those days are behind me, I'm a much more responsible gambler now. :Fish:
  10. Erazor786

    Liverpool v Newcastle

    I didn't get my payout. Just checked my bet statistics and it showed I wasn't paid. Can you double check that for me mate?
  11. Erazor786

    TRIAL bet Arsenal vs Liverpool

    Lol records are meant to be broken. I think with Suarez's movement and Carroll's brute force, we might just win. :banana: PS. I think Mick took some of my cash because he's scared we'll win today. It's not fair :mod: Lol :Proud:
  12. Erazor786

    TRIAL bet Arsenal vs Liverpool

    Placed my bet, on a Liverpool win of course. Noticed that I've lost some money, beat Huggi yday at poker and had about 11,500, now only 10,600?
  13. Erazor786


    Wow that brings back some memories. Used to go down to the corner shop a couple streets away from me. Always was scared to go in as they had 2 huge dogs always barking and running around the shop. Still went in as they were the only ones who sold the Mojo's and Balck Jacks.:banana:
  14. Erazor786

    xbox360 games from bulgeria?

    There shouldn't be any problem as far as i know Bulgaria is a PAL release. I wouldn't quote me on it though. EDIT: wiki agrees with me
  15. Erazor786

    Request:GSP Rushfit

    Anyone got a torrent for it? Looks interesting and been looking at changing up my workout.
  16. Erazor786

    New Clothes

    I'll second H&M, great clothing, good quality at a decent price. Can't go wrong. I just generally bargain hunt, don't have a specific brand I go for. I come across something cheap, I like it, I'll get it.
  17. Erazor786

    Soccer Manager Online DW League now live :-)

    Who's managing Spurs? Drew with em yday. Got 2 injuries, Lavezzi and Johnson. Lavezzi is out with Ligament damage. Bloody dirty Spurs :Fish:
  18. Erazor786


    Breathe mate try and occupy yourself with something else. Try not to think about it. Have a look at this thread, got plenty of advice on how people have quit and things that helped.
  19. Erazor786

    How fast can you type//

    You reached 146 points, so you achieved position 842542 of 1902201 on the ranking list You type 322 characters per minute You have 45 correct words and you have 10 wrong words 45wpm
  20. Erazor786

    Soccer Manager Online DW League now live :-)

    PMSL, Unlucky mate, got in there first with Colin. Could've maybe had Barca or Real but chose Liverpool!!! as you said YNWA!:Clap: